Amanda Duerst

Property Manager

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Customer service has always been top of mind for Amanda. Starting her professional
a career in the retail industry as a buyer and store manager, Amanda has always been
focused on ensuring that her clients and customers are well taken care of at all times.
This is the perfect foundation for Amanda’s role as Property Manager. She is extremely
detailed and problem resolution is second nature for Amanda.

Starting her tenure at Greywolf focused on creating the company’s co-working solution
operating as Greyworks, Amanda has naturally moved into a larger role as property
manager for the Milwaukee office. Amanda handles all tenant relations, vendor
contracts, financial reporting as well as supervision of the Milwaukee engineering and
day porter staff.

Amanda is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Stout, and when not at work enjoys
playing with her pug Louie and working on projects around the house.

Memberships: National Association of Realtors Commercial Association of Realtors Wisconsin Wisconsin Realtor Association


License and Certification: WI Real Estate Salesperson License #77204


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