Greywolf Partners understands there is a lot at risk when it comes to development. With the knowledge of our seasoned team, we can see the opportunities that exist and make them happen. Our team knows the markets we are in and the existing trends that help to maximize your investment. Our development services are meant to guide the selection process and help you make the strategic planning, selections and decisions that have to be made less stressful. Our development services include:

  • Assist in comprehensive site selection and acquire selected land.

  • Entitlement investigation and procurement of all municipal and other approvals.

  • Prepare site and building designs and manage design to budget.

  • Model the potential project to determine its viability and maximize investor returns.

  • Structure the capital stack (debt, equity, incentives).

  • Raise all equity (opportunities for partnership) and close financing.

  • Prepare the ownership and leasing documents.

  • Bid construction work to budget.

  • Oversee construction activities.

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