Greywolf Partners believes a build-to-suit development has to be a collaborative one with open lines of communication between all involved in order to deliver a finished product that not only aligns with the business and operational needs of the client today but also for the future. Greywolf Partners is with you from start to finish to develop a build-to-suit property that is efficient, sustainable, and beautiful.

• Investment / Cash Flow Analysis 

• Debt Assessment / Loan Negotiation

• Real Estate Tax Valuation / Protests

• Insurance Review

• Management Supervision

• Financial Reporting 

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How does an Owner/Investor Group move forward when they don’t have the time, staff, or other resources to vet a development project? They do so with Greywolf Partners at their side. The control and decisions to be made remain with the Owner/Investor Group, but Greywolf Partners can assist to make seemingly complicated processes clear, augment the development team as necessary with the right business and development partners, and will act as a trusted advisor from start to finish. 
“I am confident that we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help owners/investors navigate the complexities of a development project for any size or type of project. The sooner we are brought in, however, allows us to better scope the project, avoid unnecessary risks, and minimize project costs.”
    - Todd Rizzo, Sr. VP of Development.

We provide the following Commercial Management services

  • Financial Reporting 

  • Tenant Relations / Tenant Retention / Lease Administration

  • Property Maintenance / Vendor Management

  • Long-term objectives / Business Plan 


“Greywolf Partners understands there is a lot at risk when it comes to development. With the knowledge of our seasoned team, we can see the opportunities that exist and make them happen. Our team knows the markets we are in and the existing trends that help to maximize your investment. Our development services are meant to guide the selection process and help you make the strategic planning, selections and decisions that have to be made less stressful. Our development services includes:”

  • Assist in comprehensive site selection and acquire selected land.

  • Entitlement investigation and procurement of all municipal and other approvals.

  • Prepare site and building designs and manage design to budget.

  • Model the potential project to determine its viability and maximize investor returns.

  • Structure the capital stack (debt, equity, incentives).

  • Raise all equity (opportunities for partnership) and close financing.

  • Prepare the ownership and leasing documents.

  • Bid construction work to budget.

  • Oversee construction activities.

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