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Susan Ipsarides

Vice President
Greywolf Residential

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Seldom do you find a professional that has spent virtually their entire career in one particular segment of the real estate industry. Susan found her passion in multi-family, working throughout her career providing quality housing to renters around the state. Susan spent 20 years working for Stuart Corporation in Minneapolis. Their property in Milwaukee served as a base where she could operate a portfolio of properties around the upper Midwest. She has worked with Market Rate, Section 8, Section 42 and various other housing programs, as well as managed several properties with HUD financing requiring REAC inspections.

Susan’s passion lies in helping others. Her interest in her college days was in social work, and she naturally is able to read people and easily earn their trust, which ultimately leads to rentals and full properties. Susan eagerly backed the fair housing laws and has been Greywolf’s point person for ensuring that the entire company is trained in Fair Housing practices each year.

Coming to Greywolf in 2011, Susan has a loyal base of owners that believe in her methodology, her policy-driven procedures for her staff, and her ability to manage properties achieving the 

highest returns possible. The staff that works with Susan is also loyal, with some of her staff having worked with her for over 25 years.

Susan spends her free time in Florida, or with her adult sons and her husband Tony. She is an avid reader, works out daily, and loves a good pizza.


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